Sculpting the Valley in Sculpture Magazine

In April, to celebrate International Sculpture Day (April 24), Carolyn Nelson and I organized a series of events and an exhibition of sculptures created by 21 a… more

October 14: MarinMOCA presents AbstrAction

I am excited to announce the California debut of my artwork at MarinMOCA in the Bay Area. Seasons, a digital video artwork originally created for a former Chris… more

November 2- Interstate: Where I-90 Meets I-82

I am pleased to announce that Astrotone will be a part of this year's Interstate exhibition at Central Washington University's Sarah Spurgeon Gallery. November… more


Digital technologies are used to capture light in nature and displace moments in time.

video panels

Site-specific digital video installations using video monitors.

light & water

Light, filtered through moving water, fills space with movement in light and shadow.

radios & cameras

Old radio cabinets and cutting edge technologies are combined to explore what sound looks like and light sounds like.

earth, water, & time

Natural elements are used to investigate the relativity of time in large scale time-based installations.