luminous soundscape


luminous soundscape | 2016 | each device: 74” x 14” x 14” | spotlights range between 60” and 104” | six-channel digital video and audio | electronics, electrics, wood, optics, light, mirror, hardware

luminous soundscape

Six devices translate the sounds of the city into vibrations in water. The movement in water is projected as spots of colored lights onto the gallery wall.

luminous soundscape

Visitors can walk through the light, to break the path and impose their shadows into the composition.

luminous soundscape

"luminous soundscape" is a site-specific audio/video installation created for Jack Straw Cultural Center's New Media Gallery in Seattle, Washington.

Various moments in the city were recorded with digital video and audio equipment. The footage is played through devices with small embedded monitors and speakers. A small computer inside each device translates the audio signal into vibrations in water. Light passes through that water and a series of lenses to project the movement of the sound as light on the gallery walls.

This project was funded in part by Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

luminous soundscape- the devices

Each device has a small computer built in that plays audio and video footage from locations throughout the city. The audio is processed into vibrations in water and projected as moving patterns of colored light onto the gallery walls.

luminous soundscape - three devices

Each device plays a dedicated loop of audio and synced video. One device plays footage of a train passing. Another, feet walking through the market. Another, water lapping the rocky shore.

luminous soundscape - yellow light projector

This device translates the sound of water crashing into the rocky shore near Pier 70 in Seattle into the yellow light seen on the opposite side of the room (not pictured).