2015 | 41” x 26.5” x 14” | LCD screen, LED screen, electrics, wood, digital media players, light, sound


Digital video footage was captured above and below the water at Lake Celilo near Celilo Village, Oregon. The two sets of video are viewed on a split screen where the radio dial once was. The speaker has been replaced with another screen, mixing the two sets of video in an Art Nouveau pattern similar to the fabrics that once covered speakers in radios like this one. The sound heard was captured at the edge of the surface of the water.

nouveau - detail view

In the split screen, views from above and below the surface of Celilo Lake are shown side-by-side


nouveau | 2015 | 41” x 26.5” x 14” | LCD screen, LED screen, electrics, wood, digital media players, electronics, light, sound

Digital video screens have replaced the components inside an old radio. The footage playing on the top screen was captured by two cameras at a single location. One camera recorded the colors and textures of light reflecting off the surface of a lake. The other camera faced the sky from under water. On the large screen, both video files are overlaid onto one another in an Art Nouveau pattern. A microphone captured the sounds of the water’s edge.

The footage was gathered at Lake Celilo, the former site of Celilo Falls. Lake Celilo is located on the Columbia River just upstream of The Dalles Dam on the border of Oregon and Washington. When the dam was completed in 1957, the area of Celilo Falls was flooded, forever submerging it under 20+ feet of water. For the previous 10,000 years, Celilo Falls was the greatest fishery in the Pacific Northwest. It was known to indigenous tribes of the area as “Wyam”, which translates to “echo of water on rocks”.

nouveau on display

This seating area was created for viewing and listing to "nouveau" in "through static" - a solo exhibition at METHOD Gallery in Seattle's Pioneer Square in Summer 2015.