ocean of waves



ocean of waves
204” x 336” x 204”
latex weather balloons, water, modified overhead projectors, radios, electronics, fm radio frequency, shortwave frequency, light

This site specific installation was created for a former fruit storage warehouse in Tieton, Washington. Two weather balloons were inflated inside the 100,000 cubic foot space. Light filtered through moving water is projected onto the outside surface of the balloons, which are tethered to the floor of the space. The water is being moved by the vibrations of submerged speakers below the surface of the water. One set of speakers is connected to a radio that is tuned to a dead-air shortwave radio frequency, translating the hiss/crackle/pop sounds into water waves. Another speaker is connected to a separate radio that is tuned to an FM frequency that lies between two radio stations on the dial – a classic rock station and a Latin music station. As the weather changes and people come and go inside the space, one or the other station dominate the noise and create different disturbances in the water.