Seasons | 2017 | single-channel digital video projection

Seasons - documentation

This site-specific digital video installation re-created the stained glass windows of a historic building in Yakima, Washington using 10 videos that captured the textures and colors of light reflecting off of the waters of the Yakima area.


A still image showing the video projection on the left next to the original stained glass dusk.

Screenshot of video projection

Each color of the original stained glass has been replaced with video footage of light reflecting off of water in nature. The footage was collected over the span of 4 years from 10 different locations.


Ten video clips capturing the textures and colors of light reflecting off of water at various locations in the Yakima Valley are combined to re-create the icon stained-glass windows of a former Christian Science church in Yakima, Washington . Video was captured at various locations along Yakima River, Ahtanum Creek, Widehollow Creek, Sunnyside Irrigation Canal, Roza Irrigation Canal, Buena Pond, and Pond 2.