silenced echoes


silenced echoes | 2014 | two-channel audio and video projection, fabric, wood, metal, electronics

silenced echoes (full gallery view)

Audio and video footage collected at Lake Celilo on the Columbia River in Oregon is projected from opposite sides of the gallery through a series of fabric scrims. The videos pass through one another along the way.

silenced echoes

silenced echoes
114” x 360” x 60”
digital media, fabric, wood, electronics

Digital video footage captured at Lake Celilo in Oregon on the Columbia River is projected from two projectors on opposite sides of the gallery through four layers of sheer fabric. As the projections pass through each layer, they become dimmer, larger, and more distorted. The video footage from one side of the gallery is of light dancing across the surface of the lake. The other projector plays images captured by a camera below the surface of the lake looking up to the sky. The two sets of information pass through one another on their way across the gallery.

silenced echoes (detail)

2014 9' x 30' x 5' digital media, wood, fabric, electronics