While installing hydrodome at The Prichard Art Gallery in Moscow, Idaho, I was asked to discuss my project and how visual art plays a role in what #americancultureis.

What is American culture? This project by Cultures in Harmony encourages YOU to answer that question! To catalyze reflection on this important question,violinist William Harvey will visit all 50 states in the USA—one week per state—in a collaborative, educational, and participatory quest to highlight the many strands that combine to form the American cultural tapestry. In each state, he will perform, interview people about what American culture means to them, and conduct workshops designed to encourage reflection on the topic.

To learn more about Cultures in Harmony and #americancultureis, visit: http://culturesinharmony.org/americanculture

For more about The Prichard Art Gallery, visit: https://www.uidaho.edu/caa/galleries-centers-and-labs/prichard or https://www.facebook.com/PrichardArtGallery/