Come celebrate the sculptors of Yakima at The Seasons on International Sculpture Day (IS Day). The evening will feature remarks by David Lynx, director of Larson Gallery, and Sean Hawkins, the City of Yakima’s Economic Development Manager and short presentations by artists Rachel Dorn, Carolyn Nelson, Gregory Pierce, Denali Granholm, Andy Behrle, and John Barany and Deborah Ann. Each presenting artist will give a 10 minute presentation of selected aspects of their artistic processes, materials, and/or inspiration. After the presentations, there will be a one-night-only viewing of Andy Behrle’s newest artwork inspired by the stained-glass windows of The Seasons Performance Hall.

 Also on April 24, the public is invited to take a FREE guided tour of downtown Yakima's public with host, Carolyn Nelson. The tour will begin at 4 p.m. on April 24 in front of the historic Yakima Depot on the corner of Front Street and Sgt. Pendleton Way in the heart of downtown Yakima. It will conclude at The Seasons Performance Hall before 5 p.m. The reception and event at The Seasons is the third and last in a series of events organized by artists Carolyn Nelson and Andy Behrle (artist) to celebrate the 3-dimensional art of the Yakima Area. 

This year's events were kicked off on April 1 with the opening of "Sculpting the Valley," an exhibition of sculptures by 21 artists with strong ties to the Yakima Area at Yakima Maker Space Gallery. The exhibition will be open on IS Day from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. IS Day is organized by International Sculpture Center (in Hamilton, New Jersey), who helps connect independently registered events around the world via weblinks and live-streaming video feeds. The event will also feature live-streaming video of other events around the globe celebrating IS Day. 

 All are welcome to attend.