digital light

Site-specific digital video installations inspired by traditional pattern designs.


digital video public art installation created for Wailuku, Maui, Hawai'i with funding from Small Town * Big Art


Inspired by Hawaiian style quilts, these patterns combine native plant species and video footage of local waters.



bab | 2018 | single-channel digital video projection


jelliz | 2018 | single-channel digital video projection


the gravity of light | 2018 | two-channel digital video installation (1:30 loop)


"patchwork" was conceived and designed to be displayed at Main Street Quilting Company in Bozeman, Montana as a part of Mountain Time Arts' "Upstream" site-specific art installation exhibition.


Site-specific re-creation of the stained glass windows of a former church using digital video footage of light reflecting off of water in nature. All the footage was gathered in the areas near the church.


Digital video footage of light reflecting off of water in nature is combined to create living, moving stained glass windows.


Barn Quilt- Heavenly Star 2016 108" x 108" canvas, rope, clothespins, digital media (8:20 loop) Light from the sun takes approximately 500 seconds (or 8 minutes 20 seconds) to travel to Earth. This site-specific digital video projection uses a "he…


Digital video footage is formatted to appear as moving wallpaper.


Digital video footage of the natural environment and cultivated nature in the Yakima Valley was projected onto 6 buildings historic or culturally significant in downtown Yakima, Washington on Jan 3, 2014.