Digital technologies are used to capture light in nature and displace moments in time.


2016 | each device: 74” x 14” x 14” | spotlights range between 60” and 104” | six channel digital video and audio | electronics, electrics, wood, optics, light, mirror, hardware


A 20 foot diameter, 12 foot tall geodesic dome acts as the interface to digital video of the textures and colors of light reflecting off the surface of water in nature.


A small universe is created when digital video footage of light reflecting off of water is projected onto weather balloons inflated to seven feet in diameter


hydrodome (phase 1: Hanford Reach) 2015 wood, fabric, hardware, digital media 90" x 194" x 96" This is a segment of a full twenty (20) foot diameter geodesic dome conceived and constructed to act as a projection screen for digital video and analogue d…


Audio and video footage collected at Lake Celilo on the Columbia River in Oregon is projected from opposite sides of the gallery through a series of fabric scrims. The videos pass through one another along the way.


Digital video footage shot at various locations along the Sunnyside Canal in Yakima County, WA are projected onto an inflated weather balloon. A microcosm creates an entire planet.


2013 | 12' x 12' x 12' | light, water, wood, drywall, paint, electronics


column within 2012 132" x 48" x 48" plaster, wood, Plexiglas, paint, water, light, electrics


2013| 17' x 27' x 17' | latex weather balloons, wood, light, water, shortwave radio, FM radio, electronics