radios & cameras

Old radio cabinets and cutting edge technologies are combined to explore what sound looks like and light sounds like.


A mid-century turntable has been retrofitted to become a music-box that plays a star chart.


2016 | camera dimensions: 5.5" x 5.5" x 3.5" | Ansco D6 "Cadet" box camera, electronics


2015 | 16” x 14” x 9.5” | wood, LCD screen, optics, electrics, digital media player


2015 | 41” x 26.5” x 14” | LCD screen, LED screen, electrics, wood, digital media players, electronics, light, sound


2014 | Zenith radio cabinet, electronics, LEDs, copper, glass, light to frequency converter, found objects, glass, water, rubber, light |


Digital video and audio captured at Murhut Falls, WA plays through an old RCA Victor radio chassis. Different views of the falls play on the LCD screen. The sound file is routed through an oscilloscope, making the sound waves visible.


2014 | 52” x 22” x 21” | Phonograph cabinet, clear acrylic, aluminum, silicon, sound insulation foam, electronics, light to frequency converter, water, light


2015 | 10” x 19” x 8.5” | wood, electrics, plastic, optics, light, water, electronics, radio signal, sound