Just closed: "intraplanetary" at Pacific University's Kathrin Cawein Gallery of Art

Video footage from five important water sites around the Northwest are projected onto weather balloons, each setting into motion a miniature planet inside the g… more

"Phantom Transmissions" in the Yakima Herald Republic

http://www. yakimaherald. com/entertainment/phantom-transmissions-what-sight-sounds-like-and-what-sound-looks/article_555406de-d50f-11e5-bdec-3f3181b09369. html… more

"luminous soundscape" in the Seattle Times

http://www. seattletimes. com/entertainment/visual-arts/one-artists-wondrous-tunnel-vision-anothers-aural-sights/ more

digital light

Digital technologies are used to capture light in nature and displace moments in time.

light | water

Light, filtered through moving water, fills space with movement in light and shadow.

radios & cameras

Old radio cabinets and cutting edge technologies are combined to explore what sound looks like and light sounds like.

earth | water | time

Natural elements are used to investigate the relativity of time in large scale time-based installations.